All the best online tools and sites for Pokémon Go

All the best online tools and sites for Pokémon Go

There’s a lot of people working on brilliant Pokémon Go tools and websites out there. Below is a list of tools available online that I’ve come to rely on and that anyone can use. None of them require you to login with your Trainer account or risk breaking the Pokémon Go terms of service, so don’t worry about getting banned.

Pokémon IV calculator: Understanding Pokémon IVs is tricky, but the gist of it is that not all Pokémon are created equally. Individual Value (or IV) lets you know the potential of your Pokémon and if it’ll make a good fighter.

Is Pokémon Go Down or Not?: Created by New York cloud infrastructure monitoring start-up Data Dog, Is Pokémon Go Down Or Not? determines the stability of Pokémon Go in real-time using Pokémon Trainer Club and Google logins. The site also lets players know if the servers are stable enough for them to place a Lure Module.

PidgeyCalc: Knowing how to maximize your Lucky Eggs is vital to leveling up quickly in Pokémon Go, which is where a site like PidgeyCalc comes in handy. These sites allow you to calculate how many evolutions you can squeeze into the 30-minute window and if it’s worth using a Lucky Egg. Start hording those Pidgeys!

PoGo Toolkit: Designed to take the guess work out of powering up, PoGo Toolkit lets you punch in the CP level of your Pokémon and then tell you how much CP growth you should expect if you evolve it. It’s handy for knowing which Pokémon to keep and focus your energy on and which ones to transfer to Professor Willow for Candy.

PokemonGo on Reddit: Pokémon Go has to a few communities on Reddit, but the two easiest to get is r/PokemonGo subreddit. Featuring a mix of news, memes and other off-beat Pokémon stories this is the place most other gaming sites come to get their Pokémon News.

PokemonGoDev on Reddit: A big chunk of the best tools for Pokémon Go started life on r/PokemonGoDev. It can be a hard subreddit to fully comprehend because of how complex reverse engineering a game like Pokémon Go can be, but it often makes for an interesting read and exposes the inner-workings of the game.

The Silph Road: Spinning out of another active Reddit group, The Silph Road has a collection of tools and information for serious Pokémon Go players. Generally speaking The Silph Road is one of the more serious Pokémon Go communities, but it does have its fair share of light-hearted stories and strange news stories. or

Pokémon Go Journal (web, Twitter, iOS app): Shameless self-promotion warning! On the Pokémon Go Journal website is a detailed (and recently updated) Pokémon Go Trainer Guide as well as Pokémon Go news and opinions. There’s also a iOS app available for free on iPhone and iPad. But I mean, if you’re reading this you probably know all this. Moving on., and http://‪