Bot plays Pokémon Go, gets player to level 40

Bot plays Pokémon Go, gets player to level 40

It took less than a month for one player to reach Trainer Level 40, the maximum you can get to in Pokémon Go, but they didn’t do it alone. Reddit user _problemz hit the milestone using an API bot to play the game for them, adding evidence of his bot usage and Pokémon collection.

Detailing his (assuming ‘he’ based on their avatar) quest to gain 20,000,000XP, _problemz burnt through a staggering 131 Lucky Eggs, purchasing five packs of 25 from the Shop and gaining the rest from leveling up. Obviously the last level jump was the longest, 5,000,000XP to get from level 39 to 40.

Earning on average 280,000XP per hour _problemz was adamant about not taking over gyms with his powerful Pokémon (like a Dragonite CP 3375) as he didn’t want to ruin the game for anyone else.

“If you do PVP (no matter which game) play legit or dont play.”

– Reddit user _problemz

Despite offers to buy the account _problemz was very up front about not doing this for personal gain, adding that his account would be “deleted as soon as possible” and would-be buyers should “buy something else with the money you offer me”.

While it’s disconcerting on one level to see how easily Pokémon Go can hacked, it’s hard to not be impressed by people’s ability to break the game so intelligently. If only all cheaters were as virtuous _problemz though.