Data suggests Pokémon Go popularity may have peaked

Data suggests Pokémon Go popularity may have peaked

Research company SurveyMonkey have called it – Pokémon Go ain’t as popular as it used to be. The most successful app of all-time has hit it’s peak and is now on a very slow but steady decline.

According to their research Pokémon Go’s usage hit its peak on July 14, which was one week after it’s server melting launch. On that day they estimated 25 million users were out looking for Drowzees (seriously, where are they?) and swatting away Zubats, but from that date on it’s only gone downhill.

18j22qss3p150pngTheir research also suggests online search interest for Pokémon Go peaked on July 16 with a flat peak between July 13 and July 16. But after overtaking porn as the most searched term online it’s hard to not be impressed by Pikachu becoming more popular than naked people doing stuff to each other, if only for a little while.

However even SurveyMonkey concludes that the Pokémon Go money train isn’t going off the rails any time soon with the game still attracting “millions of users (and makes millions of dollars) for months, and even years to come.”. They also noted how other massive mobile hits like Candy Crush Saga took months to gain any sort of momentum while Pokémon Go hit the ground running.

The reality is Pokémon Go had nowhere to go but down after such a phenomenal launch. And even though there’s still some new markets yet to come online like Russia, what really matters now is how Niantic retains players and keeps the ones they have engaged with new content.

Hey, and maybe some free Lucky Eggs to make up for those launch issues? No? Oh, okay.