Entire country banned from Pokémon Go, the blame game begins (Updated!)

Entire country banned from Pokémon Go, the blame game begins (Updated!)

Update: A Reddit post has confirmed Pokémon Go is working again on the Proximus network in Belgium. The downside is Proximus were offering unmetered Pokémon Go data, which is what made them so appealing to cheaters, but have since agreed with Niantic to end this offer.

Original story: In their haste to rid Pokémon Go of cheaters it seems Ninatic has blocked the national IP address of Belgium mobile network provider, effectively banning everyone on that network from playing.

It started on Reddit with user mewtwo_captured proposing the use of multiple pre-paid SIM cards from network provider Proximus to utilize the national IP address. The theory was that 2000 Pokémon Go accounts powering a Pokémon radar service would be unblockable by Niantic who couldn’t block the IP address of those accounts without cutting off everyone on that mobile network.

The theory allegedly held true with mewtwo_captured claiming to have “scanned with 1000 different accounts with one of those simcard without ever getting a single empty scan result.”. This post has since been deleted, but a cached version is still online.

What happened next isn’t exactly clear. Some have claimed Ninatic unknowingly blocked the IP address, effectively banning everyone in Belgium from playing Pokémon Go, while mewtwo_captured says it was a pre-emptive measure taken by Niantic who must have read the proposal on Reddit.

Hours after the IP banning mewtwo_captured posted on r/PokemonGoBeligum and said they didn’t conduct their test and that the idea was taken from them by FastPokeMap who then had someone else in Belgium test out the theory.

In response, the developers of FastPokeMap tweeted they “are in no way using Proximus network” and that “Niantic banned without proof.”.

At the time of writing players on the Proximus network are still experiencing issues, though some have claimed being able to play on WiFi.

Via: ComicBook.com