Former Articuno owner asserts it was a gift from Niantic

Former Articuno owner asserts it was a gift from Niantic

Kaitlyn Covey’s claims of receiving the legendary bird Articuno from Niantic have been reportedly verified by In the exclusive interview with writer Daniel Starkey, Kaitlyn provided “copies of the emails she received from Niantic”, with Daniel confirming these emails “match those [of players] who have had their legendary Pokemon removed”.

According to the story one of the emails also contains a “personalized note” for Kaitlyn that acknowledges the harassment she has received online after announcing her ownership of the much sought-after Pokémon on Reddit.

Recently Niantic took to the official Pokémon Go Facebook page to update players about changes to the game and made mention of certain legendary Pokémon being “erroneously” given to some players.

Niantic’s wording doesn’t specifically use the word “glitch” or “bug”, and press inquiries have yet to uncover any solid answers. For now, it appears that Kaitlyn’s claims of owning Articuno at one point are true, but how she came into possession of it are still unclear.

Editorial comment: It took about a week for the first PhotoShopped images of Mew in Pokémon Go to appear online, so anyone claiming to own a legendary Pokémon was always going to face heavy scrutiny. But Kaitlyn’s assertion that she isn’t lying, the corroborating emails from other players and Ninatic’s own cryptic wording all make for a mystery that is yet to be solved.

It’s not totally farfetched that a mix up on Niantic’s end meant players were rewarded with legendary Pokémon. But then again the roll-out of these Pokémon is sure to be such a huge event, so this is either a false claim by Kaitlyn (and the other players), or this is another major screw up by Niantic.

Hopefully, the truth will come out one day.