More tourist destinations to leverage Pokémon Go popularity

More tourist destinations to leverage Pokémon Go popularity

The continued popularity of Pokémon Go is being utilized by Bangkok Tourism and Sports Ministry to bring tourist back after a spate of bombings and arson attacks in the southern parts of the city.

According to the Bangkok Post the ministry will create maps detailing PokéStop and Gym locations and asking a local company with exclusive rights to Pokémon localization to organize for more PokéStops to be place in the city.

The news come after Japanese officials from prefectures hit by recent disaster announced their plans to use Pokémon Go to lure in tourists back to their recovering regions.

Trainers looking to see more of this Pokémon infested world may also want to consider a new package offered Geckos Adventures called Trainers: Let’s Go! The journey begins later this month and take travelers from Peru to the Middle East and finishing, oddly enough, in Bangkok.

The total package costs US$7500 and lasts for 45 days with everyone booking the trip being given a $50 iTunes card to spend on PokéCoins.