Niantic CEO against Pokémon Go radars, less against egg hatching tricks

Niantic CEO against Pokémon Go radars, less against egg hatching tricks

John Hanke, CEO of Ninatic Labs, said he’s “not a fan” of people using third-party Pokémon tracking websites and apps like PokéNotify in an interview with Forbes. He went on to say these radars “take the fun out of the game” and that people using the Pokémon Go API to make these services are “against our terms of service”.

Conversely, Hanke laughed about players strapping their phones to toy trains to confuse the GPS to hatch eggs, adding it’s “creative and funny” but ultimately cheats the player out of a better experience with the game.

When asked about the limited multiplayer aspect of the game Hanke said that gyms were “important to the game long-term” and that for them to work Pokémon Go must be “free of a large amount of cheating and [GPS] spoofing.”

Hanke also spoke about trying to keep up with the demands placed on the servers and said that they expected “tens of millions” of players to sign up for Pokémon Go at launch, but in the first two weeks got what they anticipated for “sometime by the middle of next year”.

The interview also covered a wide range of topics, including possible business opportunities for Pokémon Go like the McDonalds deal in Japan, impact Ingress had on the games devel

Editorial comment: It’s clear that Hanke and his team are dedicated to the game, and really if it wasn’t for him and his team none of us would be playing Pokémon Go right now. But it is a little disheartening to hear him say he’s “not a fan” of Pokémon radars. While bots can ruin the game (and will if left unchecked) sites like PokéVision have only added to my enjoyment of the game. It’s gives players are target to head out and track down, unlike that still broken radar built into the game.