Niantic explain recent changes, set to improve communication with fans

Niantic explain recent changes, set to improve communication with fans

In a lengthy post on the official Pokémon Go Facebook page, developer Niantic explained why they had to make recent controversial changes to the game whiling committing to improving communication with fans in the future.

First addressing the removal of the steps-indicator from the radar the post said the feature was “confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals”, and stated the developers will keep fans “posted as we strive to improve this feature”.

The post went on to say they had to limit the access of third-party services, like PokéVision, as they were interfering with their ability to “maintain quality of service” for players. The implication was these services put extra load on the game servers, which are already struggling and will soon have to deal with the game launching in more regions such as Brazil.

The post wrapped up with the Pokémon Go team acknowledging they’ve been quiet on social media about these issues and that they’ll do their best to improve communication with players in the future.

In related news, Ninatic Community Manager Andrew Krug took to Twitter to explain his position was mostly focused on Ingress and that the company was currently seeking a Community Manager for Pokémon Go. Yancheng Liu, co-founder of PokéVision, retweeted Krug’s post saying “I had a little Pokémon Go website and I like the game“. His tweet currently has over 2,100 likes.

Editorial comment: Better late than never, right? Why Niantic didn’t have a community manager dedicated to Pokémon Go is baffling, but at least they’re addressing the issue head-on. The post did fall short of being an actual apology but did at least clear up some of the recent issues players have had with the game, which is a welcome change.

If the radar services really do tax the servers that much I can see their point, and providing a stable game for everyone should be their number one priority. Here’s hoping they go after the bots next.

It’s nice to have some good news about Pokémon Go again.