Niantic says third-party apps stressed servers, aware of issues with capturing Pokémon

Niantic says third-party apps stressed servers, aware of issues with capturing Pokémon

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic has posted a lengthy blog entry on the official Pokémon Go website detailing known bugs and recent server issues.

In the post Hanke places a lot of the blame for recent server issues squarely at the feet of third-party app developers, like PokéVision, saying their use of Pokémon Go servers caused considerable server load issues. He also states that reducing this server load was necessary to launch the game in Latin America.

A graph was shown in the post to highlight the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effect of Niantic weeding out those using their API without authorization. It was soon updated with labels for the X and Y axis to give clearer picture of what the server load issues were, but still lacked proper detail about the amount being measured.

Hanke went on to acknowledge that some of these third-party services were created by dedicated fans, but others were design solely to profit by helping people cheat, and that either way the “negative impact on game resources is the same”.

Over at Reddit’s r/pokemongodev, a subreddit that has become a source of the aforementioned third-party apps, people analyzed Niantic’s latest update with user noach3 noting that “[the] graph has no units. That could be a 0.01% decline for all we know.” Other commenters noted the timing coincided with an unplanned server outage which could also have decreased server usage. A smaller number of commenters noted sided with Niantic, such as user iansuy saying “it is NOT hard to believe the significant percentage of traffic consumed by both scanners and botters”

Meanwhile the official Pokémon Go account on Twitter stated the developers are aware of a new bug affecting the accuracy of Poké Ball throws which “increases the odds of escape and omits the XP bonus”, but are working on a fix.