Niantic to cheaters: 'Your account has been terminated'

Niantic to cheaters: ‘Your account has been terminated’

Niantic have begun sending out sternly worded emails informing suspected Pokémon Go cheaters their “account has been terminated”. The email states the use of third-party apps and software is “unauthorized and is considered cheating”, which comes soon after a wave of bans for players setting up radar sites and using bots.

A number of recipients on Reddit have shared their emails online and confirmed their accounts have been disabled, but small amount of banned users reported their Google Pokémon Go account (as opposed to the Pokémon Trainer Club login) has continued to work even after receiving the email.

Other banned users have reported they received refunds from Google for their Pokémon Go in-app purchases they bought while using a now banned account.

Within the email is a link for players to appeal their ban if they believe they have been unjustly kicked out of Pokémon Go.