Paid Pokémon Go bot will play for you, could get you banned

Paid Pokémon Go bot will play for you, could get you banned

The robots are taking over. Removing the need for player interaction and promising massive XP gains, MyGOBot will play Pokémon Go for you but may also get you permanently banned.

Running only on Windows, MyGOBot requires players to download a client and login to Pokémon Go using their Pokémon Trainer Club or Google account. There’s a three hour demo available, after which players can buy unlimited access for $7.95.

The bot takes over for the player by catching Pokémon, transferring doubles for Candy, visiting PokéStops – just about anything a human player can do. The creators state that users typically gain 50,000XP in an hour depending on the location being faked.

In the FAQ section of MyGOBot the creators make it clear they you may get permanently banned from the game, adding that using bots is a “risky action no matter what, so please bot at your own risk!”.

How Ninatic responds to bots like this is yet to be seen. They have issued ‘soft bans’ to players faking their location by giving them a ‘time out’ from catching Pokémon, but so far haven’t done much to squash this level of cheating.

Ideally for the good of the game longterm Niantic will take their cues from Blizzard who deal with cheaters in Overwatch swiftly. After all not all cheaters will do it just for personal enjoyment, and nobody wants their nearest gym is ruled by a horde of 3000+ CP Vaporeons obtained this way.