Player banned trying to earn one million XP legitimately

Player banned trying to earn one million XP legitimately

Jimmy Derocher was all set to rake in 1,000,000XP in Pokémon Go without the use of hacks or cheating. And in just 24 hours. But his well-laid plans came undone when Ninatic soft-banned him around 13 hours into his epic XP adventure as it was live streamed over Twitch.

Promising to donate 25% of his stream donation to charity, Derocher walked a pre-planned path around Austin, Texas, that included 10 PokéStops that were all running Lure Modules.

Just past the halfway mark he had amassed a staggering 600,000XP, putting him well on track to hit the 1,000,000XP mark, but soon after that Derocher noticed he could no longer catch Pokémon no matter how hard he tried.

He was soft-banned by Niantic. Soft-bans stop players from getting items from PokéStops and cause every encountered Pokémon to break out of thrown Poké Balls and flee. The idea of the soft-ban is to punish players exploiting the game and is usually reserved for GPS spoofers.

“Bots are far more efficient than humans are, and I think the effective soft ban was put in haphazardly … hurting a lot more players than I think they expected,” said Derocher in a report by Kotaku.

In the end Derocher could still gain a small amount of XP during his soft-ban, but without the ability to catch Pokémon his race to 1,000,000XP was over. Derocher ended up donating $50 or so to charity with the help of the Charity Miles app, but believes he could have raised 10 times that amount if the stream had continued.

Via: PCMag Digitial Edition