Sorry Japan: Pokémon Go delayed again

Sorry Japan: Pokémon Go delayed again

Hey Japan, so yeah we’re going to have to go ahead and ask you to wait a bit longer to play Pokémon Go, okay? It seems a leaked email between McDonalds and Nintendo may be the culprit as being reported by Tech Crunch.

pokemon go mcdonalds

Pokémon Go was due to launch in Japan today (Wednesday) with around 3000 McDonalds restaurants acting as sponsored PokéStops, a first of its kind sponsorship in the game.

No new release date for Japan has been confirmed.

This isn’t the first sponsorship deal to turn slightly sour for Niantic. Back in 2014 their first location-based mobile game Ingress had a sponsorship deal with Jamba Juice, similar to the McDonalds deal in Japan. But the deal was abruptly called off when all of the Jamba Juice locations suddenly disappeared from the game.

In related news, Nintendo’s shares fell 10 percent on the news that Pokémon Go would be delayed in Japan, but is still riding high on a 86 percent rise since July 6 launch of the game.