Pokémon Go update removes footprints from radar (Update!)

Pokémon Go update removes footprints from radar (Update!)

Update 2: Pokémon Go Android Version 0.31.0 is now live on the Google Play Store.

Update 1: Pokémon Go iOS Version 1.1.0 is now live on the Apple App Store.

Original story: Version 0.31.0 of Pokémon Go is out for Android and has removed the footprint counter from the radar entirely, effectively ending the three-step bug by crippling a feature of the game. The update is currently available on APKMirror and hasn’t been added to the Google Play Store version yet. There’s currently no news on an iOS version update.

A less controversial change that all players can get behind is the ability to re-customize your avatar and finally choose blue colored clothes (so Team Mystic players aren’t forced to use red or yellow).

Other improvements include a small redesign of the Pokémon stats screen that now has a floating button on the right side of the screen to Favorite or Transfer a Pokémon. Also, favorited Pokémon can no longer be transferred and must be unfavorited first.

Smaller changes include the achievement badges now looking a little different and the ability to access the Shop to buy more incubators from the egg screen. Improvements to memory usage, adjusted battle damage calculations and refined animations are also listed as in the patch notes.

Editorial comment: Removing the footprints from the Pokémon Go radar is ridiculous. There’s no two ways about it. And this comes just a day after an interview with Ninatic CEO John Hanke was released where he said he doesn’t approve of third-party radar apps.

Last night I used the iOS app Pokewhere (also on Android) and spotted a Marowak and Pinsir one street over from my apartment, went outside at 2.30am and caught them both. If I relied on the the radar built-in to Pokémon Go I would have never have known where they were or that it was even worth looking.

I appreciate patching Pokémon Go is no small task, but the radar is a fundamental part of Pokémon Go and should come second only to server stability. And it’s stuff like this that could end up alienating the community Ninatic are trying to build.