Pokémon radar services shut down, exactly why is unknown

Pokémon radar services shut down, exactly why is unknown

Popular third-party Pokémon Go radar services, like PokéVision, have confirmed they’re no longer able to function after the latest Pokémon Go update. Coming soon after Niantic CEO John Hanke expressed a strong dislike for these types of services fans online have expressed their annoyance about these apps and websites being rendered unusable.

A report by Kotaku has a copy of a cease and desist letter sent to multiple Pokémon Go third-party tools developers. One shared by Poke Hound shows Niantic are taking direct action to shut down these services, but most developers in the firing line are opting out of commenting on the matter.

Web-based radar PokéVision posted updates on their Twitter account, but can’t give clear answers as to what is going on or if people can expect the service to come back to life. It’s a similar story over at Pokewhere with the iOS and Android app developer seemingly unable to confirm if or when they’ll be up and running again.

Hey guys.

We wish we had some news for you At this moment, we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes.

Will keep you guys posted <3

– PokéVision update on Twitter (@PokeVisionGo)

Pokemap Pro sent out a push notification to their iOS users on Sunday around 10am saying they may have found a workaround, but remains offline like the rest for now.

Editorial comment: There’s no silver lining here – a fundamental feature of Pokémon Go was removed from the game and players were kept in the dark. Though there’s many interested parties in Pokémon Go’s ongoing success (Nintendo, Google, etc) it’s a fairly safe assumption this is the work of Ninatic base on CEO John Hankes’ earlier comments.

It should be pointed out that Niantic are acting well within their rights. There are times where they simply have to play the bad cop, but moves like this serve only to alienate their community of players.

Communication is the key here. If it’s an issue with these radar services causing massive server loads, say something to your fans. And go after the bots, stop people selling their accounts on eBay, crack down on GPS spoofing.

Niantic should take the long view approach and recognize sites and apps like PokéVision and Pokewhere are actively encouraging players to get out there and play their game. That’s exactly what they’ve done for me. The reality is casual players will soon grow tired of catching hundreds of Pidgeys and Ratattas.