Reports suggest Pokémon Go cheaters receiving bans

Reports suggest Pokémon Go cheaters receiving bans

Players using Pokémon Go cheating apps have reported an increase in bans being handed out by Niantic. Reddit’s PokemonGoDev subreddit, which has been a hive of coders and hackers of the game, has a number of users saying they have been permanently banned and attributing it to the use of bots or using the Pokémon Go API for the radar apps and websites.

The message board on (formerly have also been reporting of bans and warning others off using the paid service for a while.

Reddit user Frosty_Toast_Man outlined the different types of bans, which range from soft bans where the player can’t get items from PokéStops or catch Pokémon for a period of time, all the way up to hard bans (or permanent bans) that lock a players account and block their IP address.

Some players have reported only being soft banned while using a bot, which many have speculated would lead to a permanent ban. But others have noted the bans appear to be coming in waves and when the next one hits even more player could be kicked out of Pokémon Go for good.

There’s been no official update from Niantic about the bans, but the issue of cheaters, particularly bot users, has been on their radar for a while now. Plus, they’ve recently launched a ‘ban  appeal’ page, so all signs point to this being a concerted effort by them.