Satoru Iwata aided Pokémon Go development from his hospital bed

Satoru Iwata aided Pokémon Go development from his hospital bed

Video game industry icon Satoru Iwata helped with the creation of Pokémon Go from his hospital bed right up to his untimely death in 2015. The story by Nikkei Asian Review says Iwata would email back and forth about Pokémon Go with Tsunekazu Ishihara, President of The Pokémon Company and a close personal friend.

Iwata took over as President of Nintendo in 2002 and was originally uneasy about mobile gaming and was known to be critical of in-app purchases and the limitation of phones as video game machines.

“Children can enjoy ‘Pokémon Go’ without spending too much money,” said an unnamed video game executive close to Iwata “This is probably what Iwata-san aimed for.”

Iwata’s involvement in the Pokémon series stretches back to the first Pokémon Stadium game on the Nintendo 64 while working at HAL Laboratory. He later went on to develop advanced compression tools that allowed the region of Kanto from Pokémon Red and Blue to fit into Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Via: Nintendo Life

Editorial comment: It’s hard to not gush a little when writing about Satoru Iwata, but needless to say the man was and remains a legend. His work as a developer and a president had an undeniably positive effect on Nintendo and Pokémon that continues to resonate to this day. He will be forever missed.