Suspicious activity triggers in-game captcha to block cheaters

Suspicious activity triggers in-game captcha to block cheaters

The “Minor Bot Fixes” mentioned in the latest Pokémon Go update notes is set to make life much harder for cheaters. Ninatic have implemented a captcha security measure into Pokémon Go that will ask accounts acting suspiciously to prove they’re human.

Chances are you’ve seen a captcha online before; it’s one of those little tests you have to pass in order to prove you’re a human. Often they show up when signing up for a website and involve retyping a series of letters and numbers that appear in a randomly generated image.

The developer of Pokémon Go radar website FastPokeMap, who were allegedly involved in the Proximus/Pokémon Go Belgium controversy, have tweeted that they’re aware of the captcha implementation saying that “I’m not done analyzing but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty much game over for botters and trackers.”.

With that said, FastPokeMap appears to be still working with the developer working on a man-in-the-middle (MITM) solution to get around the captchas. Essentially the site could ask users to fill in the captcha for them, circumventing the security measure all together.

In any case, Niantic appear to sticking to their promise of stepping up their fight against cheaters and keeping the game fair for all players.

Editorial note: Bots will kill Pokémon Go in the long run if left unchecked, that’s a fact. And while I still have less of an issue with radar services than I do with bots, if both have to go then so be it. That said, Niantic really need to fix the in-game radar for all users in the next update so we all have access to Sightings and Nearby.