The Pokémon Go monster smashes sales records, blows up servers

The Pokémon Go monster smashes sales records, blows up servers

You wanted it Japan, now you got it! Players in the land of the rising sun are enduring an ‘authentic Pokémon Go launch’ experience of server crashes and frozen Poké Balls. Quartz have reported that more than 10 million people downloaded the game in Japan, which has lead to unstable servers and presumably people staring at that Gyarados loading screen for the better part of a day. Hang in there guys, you’ll be catching hundreds of Pidgeys in no time.

But seriously, it is an awesome game.

Besides, little issues like the game not working isn’t going to stop Pokémon Go smashing even more records. Apple have gone on record saying Pokémon Go had the most first week downloads of any app to hit the App Store. Apple confirmed the news to Polygon but have not released the exact download figures, or what app held the previous record.

According to research firm Sensor Tower, in a Fortune report, Pokémon Go blows the competition out of the water. Put it this way; week one sales Angry Birds 2 were 2.2 million, Candy Crush Jelly Saga did 1.8 million, while Pokémon Go can lay claim to a staggering 7.2 million downloads.

Meanwhile I caught Ponyta with a CP of 581. But I don’t want to brag.