Under the radar updates, some Pokémon movesets altered

Under the radar updates, some Pokémon movesets altered

Known for pushing out game changes without requiring a full patch Ninatic have updated a number of elements in Pokémon Go yet again, such as changes to where Pokémon are spawning and increased potion drops at PokéStops.

One of the more significant changes is the alteration of the moveset of some Pokémon. Users on The Silph Road reported a number of changes, such as Gyarados losing it’s best Basic Attack move Dragon Breath, while others like Porygon lost Quick Attack but gained Zen Headbutt. Reddit user DinoDiv compiled a complete list which is as follows:

Chansey: Psybeam is now Hyperbeam
Digglet, Dugtrio: Mud Shot is now Mud Slap
Gengar: Sludge Wave is now Sludge Bomb
Graveler, Golem: Mud Shot is now Mud Slap
Grimer: Acid is now Poising Jab
Gyarados: Removed Dragon Breath (!!)
Hitmonlee: Stomp is now Brick Break
Jigglypuff: Play Rough is now Dazzling Dream
Koffing, Weezing: Removed Acid
Mew: Removed Moonblast, Hurricane is now Blizzard (if you even have a Mew)
Muk: Acid is now Lick
Omastar: Rock Throw is now Mud Shot
Porygon: Quick Attack is now Zen Headbutt
Seel: Water Gun is now Lick
Staryu, Starmie: Quick Attack is now Tackle

In addition to changes to how Pokémon attack it has also been confirmed that dodging in Gym battles has changed. Now even a successful dodge will result in the attacker taking 25% damage, which should make defending a Gym a little more balanced.

Another big adjustment is how distance is recorded for egg hatching. After collecting data from a wide range of users the consensus seems to be eggs are now calculating distance much more accurately. (Editorial note: Based on my limited testing I also believe this to be true.)

Meanwhile on PokemonGoDev a group of users also noticed changes in Pokémon spawn locations, with one saying Pikachu was appearing in a usual Pidgey or Ratatta spot and another claiming user saying Squirtles had left their area but were replaced by Tauros.