Vaporeon gets a downgrade as various attacks are tweaked

Vaporeon gets a downgrade as various attacks are tweaked

The changes to Pokémon Go keep on coming, but this time Niantic targeted one of the best attackers in the game, the water-type Eevee evolution Vaporeon. The secret was in Vaporeon’s damage-per-second (DPS) thanks to it’s Water Gun attack, with a damage rating of 10, that could be used twice a second.

A report compiled by Kotaku confirmed what many of us knew and showed conclusively so many of these water-fox-monsters were guarding gyms. Taking note of it’s popularity Niantic have nerfed Vaporeon by bringing it’s Water Gun attack down to 6 damage and increasing its cool down timer.

It’s not all bad news though, the water Special Attack move Hydro Pump damage was upped by 50%. And it’s not the only move being changed. A list on The Silph Road has shown a number of attacks moves in Pokémon Go have been getting quietly altered by Niantic.

Editorial comment: Nerfs and buffs are a part of any competitive online game, but seeing them happen so dynamically and without notice is a little strange. Usually a developer would let players know of these changes, but Niantic aren’t exactly know for being the best at communicating with their fans.

In any case, it’s good to see they can implement combat changes quickly and without the need for a huge patch, because who knows what future exploits will be uncovered.