Welcome aboard Japan, we've been waiting for you

Welcome aboard Japan, we’ve been waiting for you

An important piece of the global Pokémon Go puzzle has fallen into place – Japan is finally online. And it sent Nintendo’s shares soaring adding as much as $20 billion dollars to its market value according to Bloomberg Technology.

Ahead of the games Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has urged players to stay safe when using the app with the government evening putting together a nine-point safety plan for players.

The much talked about deal McDonalds is in full-swing in Japan too with 2,500 locations acting as PokéStops and a further 400 serving as gyms. This deal alone is credited with adding $775 million to the market value of the Japanese arm of the global restaurant chain. A 15 year high for the business according to the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile I’m over here worrying that spending more than $4.99 on some Pokécoins is a bit excessive.