Eggs and incubating

Aside from finding Pokémon in the wild you can also obtain them by incubating and hatching eggs. Pokémon Go uses your GPS data to hatch eggs and not the pedometer. Don’t bother taping your smartphone to a ceiling fan, you’re going to have to get out there and actually walk. Also you cannot travel faster than 20km/h (or 12 miles/h) when hatching, otherwise Pokémon Go will assume you’re in a car.

GO_Egg_IncubatorThere are three kinds of eggs grouped by how far you have to walk for them to hatch – 2km, 5km and 10km. You need to use a Egg Incubator to hatch an egg that can only hatch one at a time per incubator.

Once an egg is in an incubator you cannot take it out. Every player has one Egg Incubator that never breaks, every other Egg Incubator can be used three times. Disposable Egg Incubators cost 150 Pokécoins, but you get one for free at Trainer Level 6, 10, 15, 25, two at level 20 and three at level 30.

2km (1.24 miles) 5km (3.1 miles) 10km (6.2 miles)
Bulbasaur Abra Mr. Mime Aerodactyl
Caterpie Bellsprout Nidoran (F) Chansey
Charmander Cubone Nidoran (M) Dratini
Clefairy Diglett Oddish Electabuzz
Geodude Doduo Paras Eevee
Jigglypuff Drowzee Poliwag Hitmonchan
Magikarp Exeggcute Ponyta Hitmonlee
Pidgey Ekans Porygon Jynx
Pikachu Farfetch’d Psyduck Kabuto
Rattata Gastly Rhyhorn Lapras
Spearow Goldeen Sandshrew Magmar
Squirtle Grimer Seel Omanyte
Weedle Growlithe Shellder Onyx
Zubat Horsea Slowpoke Pinsir
Kangaskhan Staryu Scyther
Koffing Tangela Snorlax
Krabby Tauros
Lickitung Tentacool
Machop Venonat
Magnemite Voltorb
Mankey Vulpix